Our wave profile acrylic sheets designed for retrofitting your existing wooden structures are easy to install!

When you order our wave profile acrylic sheets, they come complete with  –
• 41" wide acrylic sheets cut to length to suit your application
• all necessary fasteners (calottes) to attach the sheets to your structure
• easy-to-follow installation guide

Required Tools and Hardware
In addition to the acrylic sheets and fasteners included with your order, you will require the following tools and hardware:
• tape measure
• square
• level
• felt tip marker or grease pencil
• drill with 3/16" diameter drill bit and a step drill bit or 'uni-bit'
• 3/8" nut driver
• 5/16" nut driver
• plumb line
• chalk line
• step or extension ladders (suitable to reach beond your highest intended installation height)
• soft, non-abrasive cleaning rags

The following items may be required (dependent upon the on-site alterations you may be making to the supplied kit):
• circular saw with blades suitable for cutting aluminum and plastic products
• hacksaw and/or miter saw
• metal roof flashing (no less than 0.029 gauge)

Download Wave Profile Acrylic Sheet Installation Guide. For live installation support, call 1-855-371-3371.

  • made-to-order
  • Easy installation
  • Featuring acrylite
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