Acrylic Patio Cover kits are easy to install! Our installation guide and video are easy-to-follow, but help from our support team is always just a phone call away. Read the guide, gather up your tools, layout your components and roll up your sleeves! In as little as one day, you will have installed a top quality Acrylic Patio Cover that withstand the test of time.

All Acrylic Patio Cover Kits come complete with the following  –
• aluminum posts, I-beams, rafters and accessories
• aluminum hanging rail and flashing
• aluminum gutters with downpipe and accessories
• aluminum side fascia
• acrylic (double-skin sheets)
• standard fasteners*
*Note: For some installations, additional special hardware or fasteners may be required.

Required Tools and Hardware
In addition to the components and materials included with your Acrylic Patio Cover kit, you will require the following tools and hardware:
• tape measure
• square
• level
• felt tip marker or grease pencil
• no. 2 Robertson screwdriver (red handle) and/or Phillips screwdriver
• electric drill with 3/16" diameter drill bit
• rubber mallet
• utility knife
• pliers
• plumb line
• chalk line
• step or extension ladders (suitable to reach beond your highest intended installation height)
• soft, non-abrasive cleaning rags

The following items may be required (dependent upon the on-site alterations you may be making to the supplied kit):
• circular saw with blades suitable for cutting aluminum and plastic products
• hacksaw and/or miter saw
• tin snips
• silicone sealant (recommend Tremco Specturm II, G.E. Silpruf or Dow 795)
• metal roof flashing (no less than 0.029 gauge)
• safety goggles

Installation Support
Download Acrylic Patio Cover Kit Installation Manual.
Download Gabled Roof/Cathedral Style (Gable) Installation Video.
Download Conventional Roof/Classic Style (Shed) Installation Video.
View Freestanding Roof Installation Video

For live installation support, call 1-855-371-3371.

Need it installed? If you're interested in Acrylic Patio Cover kit but need it installed, call 1-855-371-3371 or contact us and we'll connect you with a dealer in your area.

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