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To help make ordering your Acrylic Patio Cover kit easy, we've outlined the planning and specification steps below so you can help us understand all details of your project. Our customer service team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. You can reach us toll-free at 1-855-371-3371, or get a quick start by using our simple estimating request form.

step 1: select your roof style

Choose between the simplicity of our Conventional Roof style or the additional height offered by our Gabled Roof style. Browse through our photo gallery for examples of both roof styles to determine which is best for your project.

step 2: size and specifications

Because each Acrylic Patio Cover kit is custom-manufactured, we'll need complete details on your project. Measure the square footage of the footprint for your patio cover: width (running parallel to the house) x projection (running perpendicular to the house) to get total square footage. (See our Planning & Measuring Guide and Specifications Worksheet for additional details). Determine how your patio cover will be fastened to your structure: under the eave, at the eave, on the room, or on the wall. You'll also need to carefully measure and record all dimensions indicated on our Planning & Measuring Guide and Specifications Worksheet. Click here to download. You'll need to fax back this worksheet to us as part of your order so be sure to measure for accuracy!

step 3: select your aluminum and acrylic colors

Our proprietary aluminum framing system features a sturdy, structural aluminum framework is available in standard white, ivory or brown. Choose the color best suited to your home, then choose between four colors of ACRYLITE® to suit your style, light transmission and heat blocking preferences:
Clear 85% 15%
Bronze 55% 45%
Solar Cool White 40% 60%
Heatstop Cool Blue 47% 75%

Need help? Call 1-855-371-3371 and one of our support team will be glad to assist!

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