Customize with our patio cover components

In addition to our complete ready-to-install kits, Acrylic Patio Covers Direct all of our acrylic sheets, aluminum systems, fasteners and accessories are sold separately to allow customizations to suit unique project requirements. Bulk components are also available at wholesale pricing to qualified contractors. 

We invite contractors to contact us for more details on our components, installation information and help customizing patio covers to meet your local building codes. Downlaod our 2018 Acrylic Patio Cover Component Catalog below.

Retrofit with acrylic panels

Acrylic panels are also the perfect solution for replacing ugly, discolored or broken patio covers. If you're looking to re-cover an existing pergola, gazebo or other wooden structure, Acrylic Patio Covers has the solution!

European-engineered ACRYLITE® offers a beautiful solution to replace unsightly yellowed fiberglass, polycarbonate or other plastic coverings that have been degraded from years of exposure. Unlike these inferior products, our acrylic will not weather or discolor over time and is resistant to impact from hail. ACRYLITE®'s 30 year non-yellowing and 10 year hail warranty is the best in the business. Like our multi-wall acrylic panels featured in our patio cover kits, our easy-to-install wave profile acrylic sheets come in a range of colors and tints to control light and heat. Click here for more details on retrofitting with ACRYLITE® acrylic panels.

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  • Featuring acrylite
  • Easy installation